Man's tendency is to promote and worship the creation instead of the Creator. This is idolatry. God wants and accepts our worship, but on his own terms. Because He is holy, we cannot come directly into his presence. We must come by mediation.

During pre-cross history, the worship of man was imperfectly mediated by sacrifices, incense, instruments of music, tabernacle, temple, ark of the covenant and priests. Through these expressions of mediation God accepted man's worship. These, though were imperfect or shadows of the one mediator who would make null and void all previous objects and systems of mediation. We no longer enter into the Holy of Holies of God by the mediation of a high priest who changes periodically, but by an eternal high priest after the order of Melchizedek.

Christians today are tempted to reach back and pull out material expressions of worship: incense, dance, rhythmic hand clapping, guitars and full orchestras, and even strobe or lowered light to create a spiritual atmosphere.

When we get on our knees, physically or symbolically, with an humble, broken heart, the worship, petitions and expressions of thanks and confidence flow from the creation to the Creator by means of the "one" mediator. There is no flow though dead objects, physical gestures, or designated musicians but only through the heart of Jesus.

What an obstacle to mediation blessings when we physically exteriorize our enthusiasm to worship by looking for another "mediation" into the sanctuary of God. How limiting when we play a piano or rhythmically clap our hands when Jesus invites us simply to go through him to the Father without outside "help." During the first covenant, there were many imperfect mediation factors put into place until the perfect and unique way would be inaugurated - from our heart, through our mouth and lips into the mediating heart of Jesus. Let us profit from the gift of God and not try to create alternative paths to his heart.

- Doyle Kee

Geneva, Switzerland 

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